The girl behind the boutique

My grandma used to say “numbers were in my blood.” I come from a family bewitched by numbers. My grandpa was a CPA & company controller, my grandma worked in accounts payable at Sears Roebuck & Co., and my Uncle started off as a company controller which eventually led to him becoming the President & CEO.  Needless to say, my grandma was over the moon when she learned I became a bookkeeper. What initially started off as a part-time job has led to twenty years of friendships and thriving businesses.

What makes me unique

Bookkeeping and finances do not have to be a nightmare…they can actually be, dare I say it, fun.

My degree is in Creative Writing, but don’t let that worry you,  remember numbers are in my blood. I was fortunate to be taught by the very best in the industry which provided me the opportunity to work with a variety of clients ranging from doctors to fashion designers to contractors and even a pizza franchise.

Now the good stuff

I am a southern California girl turned South Dakotan homesteader. When I am not helping clients, I can be found in the garden, swinging in my hammock, or hanging out with my kids. If I can steal a moment to myself, you can find me cuddled up with a book, scribbling in my journal, bent over my sewing machine, or mesmerized by a puzzle.


My home base is South Dakota, but I have clients across the country.  We do not have to be in the same city, let alone, the same state to work together. Thanks to Zoom & Voxer we can stay in contact anytime. 

I recommend bookkeeping to be completed on a monthly basis to maintain an accurate snapshot of your business. However, you need to do what’s best for you and business. Therefore, if you prefer, it can be done on a quarterly or yearly basis as well. 

The short answer, no.

There are a couple options for maintaining your books without making such a large investment. One being an online subscription to a bookkeeping program such as Quickbooks online or Xero.  Another option is I can maintain the books on my Quickbooks desktop program  and prepare monthly financials for you.

I charge a flat rate monthly fee based on upon the services desired. If additional services are added, the rate will increase to reflect this. Other than than that, your monthly rate will stay the same. 

Over the years, my work with clients started with bookkeeping, yet did not end there.  I would help with posting on social media, writing copy for newsletters, and even creating a flat lay or two. Social media has opened the doors to creating relationships and reaching people from across the globe. So, let’s harness it to your advantage, by building lasting relationships with your customers which leads to sales. Yay!

First things first, let’s get your books in order. Whether that means cleaning up your books or setting you up on a bookkeeping first–we need to see where you stand financially so we can plan your next move. This can be setting up a social media strategy, sending out a newsletter

I’m ready when you are!

Let’s get started!